Proximity Learning’s AP World History Course studies the significant political, socio-economic, and cultural features of human history from the beginnings of civilization to the contemporary period.

This course is taught at the equivalent of an introductory college-level class. Students are introduced to the major concepts of collecting, organizing, and drawing conclusions from data with the following emphasis:

  • Beginnings of civilization, river valley civilizations (Egypt, China, Mesopotamia)
  • Classical empires in Greece, Rome, Asia, Africa and the Americas
  • Identify and explain the significance and lasting effects of the major eras, peoples, and events in world history
  • Analyze the major political, economic, and cultural developments civilizations of the world
  • Identify and compare different religious traditions, fundamental ideas and institutions of Eastern and Western civilizations

Course Length:

  • 9 Months (Full Course)
  • 4 Months (Semester Course)

Course Type: Asynchronous
Course Price: $700

AP World History Course