The Texas Charter Schools Association is proud to now offer our members the ability to enroll students in online virtual classrooms. Your students will have the option to join live class sessions delivered by Certified TX Teachers. If your students need additional help we now offer virtual tutoring services at a cost effective rate. We look forward to helping you educate your students.

Live Instruction

Give your students access to online classes with live instruction each week during a set time.  They will join students from across Texas in the same class.  Students will have full access to all learning materials online.

Blended Learning Classes

Allow your students to complete a course at there own pace during the school year or summer session.  Students will have access to all course material online in addition to recorded classroom video instruction.  The teacher will grade all work and be available through email or discussion boards.


Set up tutoring with a live certified TX teacher before, during or after school hours.  You will be able to purchase tutoring hourly or discounted packages.